20+ Excellent Diy Coffee Bar Design Ideas For Your Cozy Home

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So what’s first?

Excellent Diy Coffee Bar Design Ideas For Your Cozy Home 01

Meticulous planning will be your first step. If your home doesn't already have a bar space, you'll need to find the space for it. You'll also need to decide on the layout, and determine the furnishing and refrigeration. Make a floor plan using chalk or string and map out where the actual bar will be making sure it has access to a power socket and to a water source. If there's no tap or drain nearby, you'll have to make plans to install one. If you're building your bar from scratch, think of the materials you'll need.

Design - British tavern or modern night club? You'll have to determine the style of the bar, preferably before you start building it. What kind of stools will it have, will it have a television mounted on a wall, or a pool or poker table for entertainment? Will it be designed for a drink over light conversation or as an entertainment room with loud music and dancing? Make sure you know what you want your bar to look like before you start building. If you're having a little trouble with the design aspect, take a trip to local bars and see how they can inspire you.

DIY or hire a contractor? You'll have to decide whether you believe in yourself sufficiently enough to trust that you won't screw up and quit half way through or whether you'd rather let someone else, a professional, take responsibility for it. The contractor is highly recommended, as you'll get a professional job who'll handle electric wiring, plumbing, carpentry and best of all, clean up. You want to trust a professional when it comes to renovating your home. Remember to purchase everything you'll need before hiring someone or building it yourself. These things might include refrigeration and sinks.

Furnishing and accessorising! The fun part: the part where you buy stools, pool tables, coffee tables, couches, chandeliers, perhaps a television and a radio with nice speakers. Remember to get cocktail mixers for when making your fabulous martinis. Also remember that you'll need glassware. If you can, get specialised glasses for each type of alcohol you plan on serving. A pint glass for beer, wine glasses, tall Collins glasses for cocktails, shot glasses and old fashioned glasses for whiskey. Make it feel like a genuine bar accustomed to your style. Maybe a disco ball is in order.
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