20+ Creative Tiffany Lamp Geometric Design Ideas To Try For Your Apartment

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Geometric Designs are typically very symmetrical, incorporating a repeating pattern. Some of the Lamps within this category consisted of simple designs such as: plain squares, parasol and straight panels. The only thing that sets these plain designs apart from other lamps is the use of Tiffany colored glass.

Although many of the Tiffany Lamps geometric designs are very linear, Louis Comfort Tiffany managed to make some awe-inspiring pieces using these plain and basic shapes. The Nautilus Seashell is one of these lamps. Using only squares and rectangles, Tiffany managed to design a beautiful seashell lamp that is worthy of Captain Nemo's ship in the Jules Verne favorite 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Another geometric design that is very unique is the Spider Web. The lamp shade is composed solely of rectangles. What sets this lamp apart from the rest (besides the beautifully colored-glass) is that a spider adorns the top with its eight legs stretching down the sides of the lamp shade.

The Lotus leaf is yet another famous Tiffany design that baffles the mind when it comes to its geometric design. Consisting of only squares and triangles this Tiffany shade raises and lowers like an accordion all the way around with soldering effects that cannot be described with mere words alone. Another attribute that is unique to the Lotus leaf design is that the lamp shade slants downward at an angle part way before it curves outward, cupping the light. The geometric designs of the Tiffany lamps prove that there is nothing boring about squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. Louis Comfort Tiffany used these basic shapes to prove to the world that there is no limit to what the imagination can do with limited resources.
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