39 Relaxing Polka Dot Interior Design Ideas To Try Right Now

Duvet covers come in so many different styles and colors that at times picking the right one can be pretty complicated. You may ask yourself, “With so many beautiful duvet covers in the market today, which one would be right for me?” Seasons change and so do styles.

At times you can love a certain design but are afraid of not following the latest trends in interior design. I always say, to each its own. One should always choose a design that you feel most comfortable in. How can you go to sleep in a bedroom that you cannot even stand looking at? This will cause added stress and anxiety. Stress will cause sleeping disorders and so on. But if you are looking for the latest designs in bedding, then here they are: polka dot, striped, floral, plaid and solid. I personally cannot choose a favorite. I love them all. Each one can easily change the look and mood of the room.

Personally, I cannot go months and months with the same style in my room. I usually change the decor of my bedroom at least every 2 months. Many people can go on a year with the same decor but sorry, not me. Two months I am using polka dot, another two months I go stripes, etc. Here are just a few styles of bedding and what I think each one represents:

Polka dot can be youthful and fun. It can also be modern and retro. When I walk into a bedroom and see polka dot on the bed, the first thing that comes to my mind is, “Man that person is fun and open minded”. They are willing to try new things, which is a plus.

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