35 Graceful Seashell Curtain Design Ideas To Try Asap

Seashell shower curtains are a unique take on a personable accessory for the bathroom. These curtains exhibit a specific quality that someone wants or needs within their bathroom.

As such, there is a very tightly focused market for these curtains. From a design sense, they can be a fantastic addition to the bathroom depending on the theme of the bathroom itself, as well as the different design qualities the curtain exhibits.

Classic seashell designs have very basic color schemes usually consisting of neutral colors like different hues of grays mixed with a pearl or cream color. However, as the popularity of these designs grew, they evolved and began incorporating more unique aspects. These aspects included adding additional colors to the classic palette, such as pinks and peach hues. As the modern and contemporary vibe began taking over, the classic color scheme morphed into a modern overhaul; incorporating brown, black, and many different shades of white.

As with the color schemes, classic seashell designs curtains exhibited fairly simple patterns. Usually portraying a calm scene of seashells in the foreground and usually a solid neutral based background. However, much like with the color schemes, these designs began morphing into modern/art deco style designs that ran intricate patterns arranged in an abstract way. These types of designs incorporate well into a modern theme looking for an off the wall styled accessory to help bring everything together by adding a unique element to the space.

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