Magnificient Prefabricated Home Design Ideas For Traveling Lovers 20
Magnificient Prefabricated Home Design Ideas For Traveling Lovers 20

32 Magnificient Prefabricated Home Design Ideas For Traveling Lovers

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Now, would not it be great if the prefab industry could build extremely beautiful and gorgeous looking homes in a week – homes that would satisfy every individual whim and taste and still be very, very cheap and affordable to everyone ?

That would of course be great ! But the problem has always been satisfying every individual taste and yet making prefabricated homes easily affordable to the vast majority of the people. You see, if prefab homes have to be made affordable, then at least a few designs would have to be mass produced. And if just a few designs were to be mass produced, then a majority of the homes will start looking and feeling the same. And people always want their homes to be better looking than their neighbours’ homes. Which essentially means that mass producing homes may not work. So prefabricated homes cannot always be made cheaper than homes built the regular way.

But still, the prefab industry offers a ray of hope for today’s environmentally conscious people. They do have their strengths. But like many other promising things in life, not everything about them may be hunky-dory either. Here is a brief list of the tradeoffs …

Prefabricated homes are fast to build, and they are not as damaging to the environment as building a home the regular way could be. They offer the potential to reduce wastage and offer the benefits of mass production – lower prices, faster and easier to build, and a range of designs to choose from.

Fewer defects, much faster construction, lesser skill requirements, reduced energy consumption and wastage are possible the chief benefits of prefabricated homes. But that is not all – in colder climates, faster construction is essential because the building period is relatively shorter. And prefab homes reduce the amount of disruption the neighbours will have to put up with.

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