39 Top Floor Desk Design Ideas For Your Workspaces

When planning out our office space and how to fill them, so much energy seems to go into finding the right chairs, but seldom good computer office desks. For an ergonomically correct workspace, the desk is an important consideration. So, before you settle on a desk, keep reading for a breakdown of what you should be looking one and where you can find it.

If you own a computer, you know that all the wires and cables running from your peripherals to the actual computer can be a major eyesore, disorganized mess, and walking hazard. Good computer office desks provide a solution for this – a few holes in the back of the desk that are designed for weaving cables through, to direct them back and up through the desk rather than scattered across your work surface. So, avoid a tangle of wires and look for a desk with pre-designed cabling solutions.

While open-concept desks with an absence of storage may look fresh and clean in the store, you’ll soon find that a lack of storage will quickly lead to a messy work surface. The best option is to search for a desk that offers not only cupboard and drawer storage for your own supplies and papers, but also computer peripherals like your desktop tower, network hub and other accessories.

Unique or structurally interesting desks might strike a note in the store, but you should stop to consider how they will actually perform. Ideally, you want a desk that’s at the perfect height for your ergonomic needs, allowing you to sit comfortably with your feet on the floor and still reach the work surface without straining. If you can, measure an ideal desk height before you go shopping. Your back will thank you every day.

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