Elegant Garden Sink Design Ideas That Must Have To Outdoors 22
Elegant Garden Sink Design Ideas That Must Have To Outdoors 22

34 Elegant Garden Sink Design Ideas That Must Have To Outdoors

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Sinks are often used as a container for plants, especially for alpines or rock plants. Sinks are mostly used at patios and give them attractive features. If you want to create a miniature rock garden sink container is best choice.

Sink containers are mostly formed from the old shallow stone sinks. These containers are not common today, so finding one can be a hectic job. Also they are expensive being scarce item. The best alternative to these shallow stone sinks is to convert the white glazed sink to give it a stone form. It is not hard to find white glazed sinks. You can have them from any scrape yard or local builders. The advantage of these white glazed sinks are is that they are shallower than the old shallow stone sinks and therefore compost will not dry quickly during warm weather conditions.

Hypertufa, a mixture of sand, cement and peat, is usually used to cover the surface of the glazed sink. After becoming hard and well weathered, it resembles a natural tufa rock. Hypertufa mix is made from 1 part of cement, 2 parts of sphagnum peat and 1 part of sand. A PVA adhesive is used on the surface before applying hypertufa. This PVA ensures that the hypertufa adhere to the glaze properly. PVA is available in all DIY or hardware stores. Apply it on the sink thoroughly and when it becomes tacky or sticky, apply hypertufa mix on to it.

Add water to the mixture, slowly add water until the mixture become thick and yet pliable. Spread the mixture of about 12mm thick evenly over the glazed sink surface. You can use your finger to set it firmly on its place on the sink. Two weeks are required to this mixture to harden up properly. After two weeks, put the solution of potash permanganate into the sink. Leave it for 24 hours. This solution helps to remove the harmful chemicals from the cement on the inner surface of the sink. Wash the sink properly after 24 hours. You are ready with your rough natural stone texture of sink container.

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