Cozy Cat Tree Design Ideas For Your Furry Friend 22
Cozy Cat Tree Design Ideas For Your Furry Friend 22

32 Cozy Cat Tree Design Ideas For Your Furry Friend

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If you’ve ever observed an undomesticated cat, you will realize that this member of the feline family prizes her freedom. Cats love to climb, hide, exercise and explore their natural surroundings. A pet cat raised indoors misses out on these natural elements and looks for substitutes within its confines. This is why they scratch furniture, chew your shoes, tear your carpet, dodge television cables and survey your house from the top of your fridge.

Recreating the natural environment within your home is important for proper physical and mental growth of your pet. Luckily, today, there are many ready products on the market that enable you to do so easily. A cat tree is one luxury item for an indoor kitty. Cat trees also prove useful around the house. Artificial trees double up as a scratching post. Thus, it prevents household furniture and valuables from becoming your cat’s scratch target.

There is an overwhelming variety in terms of shape, design, capacity and colors of cat trees. A simple design looks more like a book shelf with straight cuts and strict lines. It usually features single or twin posts with several perches for a cat to rest. Complex designs are more detailed in their structure. They feature multiple climbing posts with several roosting stations. A few are made such that they bear an uncanny resemblance to real trees with leaves, barks and tiny bird holes. A few designs, in fact majority of them, incorporate a cat condo in their structure. The post is attached to a wooden base to offer stability.

Cat trees are made of different materials. They are made of solid wood. Climbing posts are also covered in fleece, faux fur and carpet or lined with rope. Cat trees also vary in their height. Shorter posts are designed for smaller spaces while a few extend from the floor to the ceiling.

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