Lovely Diy Backyard Games Design Ideas Your Family Wants To Have 37
Lovely Diy Backyard Games Design Ideas Your Family Wants To Have 37

43 Lovely Diy Backyard Games Design Ideas Your Family Wants To Have

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There is perhaps no better backyard project that a family can undertake than building a DIY Playhouse. Unleash your children’s own imagination and promote creativity. Many of today’s games and toys are highly interactive but they generally follow a storyline with characters and a set of rules that are created by the toy designer. One of the original interactive toys must have been the playhouse. This was a place where children often gathered together and engaged their own imaginations to create original stories and adventures complete with lively and entertaining characters. The playhouse fits that role as well as simply being a place for quiet play, reading and as Walt would say “Imagineering.”

A well designed and constructed playhouse can potentially add to your home’s value too. Be aware though that a poorly constructed playhouse or a design that is unfit for your neighborhood can have the opposite effect and be an unwelcome site for your neighbors.

Many home owner associations have very specific rules and may even have an approval process for backyard buildings and playhouses that can include everything from aesthetics and total allowed square footage to distance from property lines, height requirements and more. Be sure to contact your local home owner association for a copy of the rules and by-laws before you decide to undertake this project. When you do decide to go forward it will help the approval process to have a professional set of well drawn plans. This will inspire confidence in your association and get you through the approval process with little problems. Be sure that the plan you select and submit for review fits the association rules. If you plan to scale the project down to meet square footage requirements or make other changes to the plan to fit the association rules be certain to write it on your plans and be very clear that the results will meet association requirements.

Today, plans are readily available for a wide variety of playhouse designs everything from castles, forts, cars, trains and airplanes to the traditional gingerbread doll house. With a good set of detailed plans it is quite easy to add your own touches to make it totally yours and unlike any other. What makes a really good set of plans for backyard projects? They should be useful to the homeowner. There is no need for a complicated set of engineering drawing complete with electrical and plumbing. Obviously that level of complication is unnecessary.

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