44 Inexpensive Diy Rugs Ideas To Make Room Great Again

Rugs can divide the room’s space visually into areas or functions. The dining, living and bedroom areas may be designated by rugs placed judiciously in a large room. The various elements of the room can be unified by a large rug, or by a common pattern, color or design in the various rugs used. Rugs with patterns can be more easily harmonized with the other room elements than those with solid colors.

Putting different rugs together in a single room can give any room a distinctly unique look. Although there is no hard and fast rule when trying to achieve the coordinated look with different area rugs there are a few general rules that will hold you in good stead. Floral designs that contrast nicely with geometric patterns; ‘busy’ patterns may blend well with simpler patterns and large patterns could complement small ones.

If you want the furniture to be the focal point of the room, it is important the colors of the rug’s patterns should complement the color of the furniture. Various patterns may be mixed if they are of the same general colors. In other words, subsume the rug’s visual projection to that of the furniture.

If however, you’d like the rug to be the point of focus, you should make sure the rug has a bold design or pattern, but only if the furniture’s color is solid and/or subdued. If the furniture’s colors are pronounced, the rug’s pattern can be of contrasting color to set it off differently from the furniture but the general color should still complement that of the furniture. The color will be the unifying element in the room’s decoration.

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