37 Top New Year Party Decor Ideas For Outdoor To Try Asap

With all the excitement and fuss that Christmas creates it’s a wonder that we also have energy to go ahead and celebrate New Year’s Eve. Still, the party season is still upon us and it’s the time of year where one party merges into another and you barely seem to be at home. If you’ve decided to sit out on the London fireworks live and instead host a party this New Years and you’re looking for some inspiration for sprucing up your home with New Years decorations rather than the same Christmas ones that were out for your guest’s last visit, here are a few tips and ideas.

One of the fastest ways to produce some bunting is to take some ribbon and glue pine cones, dried cranberries and another one dried fruits or outdoor foliage that you can find. Stick them to the ribbon and voila! Some ready-made bunting. For that extra step, cut out triangles or letters spelling ‘Happy New Year’ and glue them on to pieces of ribbon for some festive and cheerful decor.

Just when you were thinking of packing away the tree and taking down all Christmas decorations and ornaments, don’t! Go out into the garden and collect some nice long twigs and small branches, varying in size. Next, take some baubles and Christmas ornaments and hang them off the ends of the branches to create a festive make-shift decoration bunch of flowers. You can also add in some fresh foliage from your garden such as holly, mistletoe and winter berries on branches. Place them in some pretty vases and your room will have an extra sparkle.

Continuing the theme of New Years, it’s considered good luck to have black eyed peas (the vegetable!). You can create small decorations by filling small bowls, teacups and various glass or chinaware 1/3 full of black eyed peas and then place small tea lights on the top. If you scatter these around your living room and party area it will bring a festive warm glow to the evening.

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