32 Astonishing Mid Century Kitchen Designs Ideas That You Will Love

Our grandmothers bought them in shiny laminate tops and chrome trim. The chairs coordinated perfectly with sparkle-infused vinyl and mid-century styling. Our mothers bought them in period-perfect Early American, maple finish on pine. Regardless of what they looked like, the kitchen table set was the center of our homes.

Today, options abound when it comes to outfitting your eat-in kitchen. You’ve got a bounty of sizes, shapes, styles and materials to choose from.

One of your first considerations is the size of your kitchen. If it’s designed to be an eat-in kitchen and you’ve got plenty of room for the kitchen table set, you’ve got many options. But if you’ve got just a corner to fill, you can still make it work. Measure carefully to see what size table will fit. Be sure to consider the space you’ll need to move chairs out from the table; three feet from the edge of the table is a good rule of thumb.

How many people usually sit around your table? If you live alone or if you’re a couple, you can probably get a small bistro table and a pair of chairs. If you are seating a larger family or regularly make room for a few extra people, a round or oval table may let you squeeze in an extra chair, because they don’t have corners. And you have a choice with tabletop height-it can be standard height, counter height, or a tall pub-height table. Look at your space and try to envision the tabletop at different levels. One style may be more appealing than the others.

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