Unique Outdoor Shower Design Ideas For Best Inspiration 27
Unique Outdoor Shower Design Ideas For Best Inspiration 27

39 Unique Outdoor Shower Design Ideas For Best Inspiration

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It’s common for beach front homes to come equipped with outdoor showers. They’re extremely handy for a quick rinse of salt and sand before entering the house. Maybe you have a scenic property and simply want to enjoy a garden shower al fresco. If you’ve ever thought of adding an outdoor shower to your home, it can be a fun project. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you begin.

Determine your needs before starting out. Will it be used by kids and adults as clean-up after the beach or will it be used as a relaxing bath? If the latter is your objective, ensure you have a private location with walls and a door. If all you require is a quick rinse, your plumbing needs will be simple, but if you want long hot showers, you may need to upgrade your hot-water system.

Where will the water go? The type of ground below your flooring will determine the type of drain you need. Sandy soil drains quickly, but heavy or clay laden soils may require a more complex drainage system that carries the water underground into a dry well or drain field.

To help inhibit clogging of the drains as well as damage to the surrounding plant life, be sure to use eco-friendly soap and shampoo.

Planning the plumbing will depend on whether you are building from scratch or simply renovating. If this is a shower in a new home, run the plumbing in the same wall that your shower shares with the house. If this is an existing home, you may want to build a wall and hide the pipes within it.

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