54 Modern Secret Room Decoration Ideas For Amazing Room Style Ideas

We all have overnight house guests at one time or another and most of us are lucky enough to be given advanced notice of a visit. If you have regular guests staying over then it might be worth turning one of your bedrooms into a guest room. A dedicated room takes a lot less time to prepare for visitors and is also useful for unexpected guests. In this article I’ll share some secrets to decorating the perfect guest room.

First of all you’ll need a comfortable bed, preferably a double, with a variety of pillows. Keep a supply of clean bed linen in the closet and an extra blanket or two for winter guests.

Guests will always come with a bag or two so provide somewhere for them to store their luggage. A luggage stand is a good option as it folds away when not in use. A chair is a good alternative.

Your guests won’t want to live out of their suitcase during their visit so provide some closet space, with extra hangers for them to hang their clothes. If you have space a dresser with empty drawers will also be appreciated.

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