35 Affordable White Home Exterior Design Ideas For Your Home Inspiration

Many homeowners, nowadays, explore inexpensive ways to extend their living space. Instead of constructing permanent setups, many people love to install residential awnings to keep their exterior living space shaded, cool and comfortable. Also, one can install a motorized retractable awning to enjoy the desired amount of sunlight and shade at a time. A homeowner also has options to choose from a variety of awnings to suit his specific needs. While evaluating awnings for homes, it is important to concentrate on some key features.

You have to choose the right fabric and frame to use the awning over a longer period of time. At the same time, you also need to concentrate on the style, pattern and color of the awning fabric to ensure that the features complement the exterior style and decor of your home. Based on your choice, you can buy the awnings in a variety of colors. But you must remember that each color has its own meaning and significance. Also, you need to choose an awning color that perfectly complements the color of your home exterior.

Red: You have option to choose from several shades of red awnings. Also, most shades can match the yellow, white and tan exterior paints. You can further enhance the appeal of your home exterior by combining the right shade of blue paint and red awnings. However, if the exterior paint has green pigments, you have to exercise care while choosing the red awnings.

Blue: Based on your choice, you can choose the sky, deep or electric blue awnings. Each shade will further complement the exterior paints with natural color. If your home is painted white, you can enhance its appeal by installing a blue awning with scalloped edges and white trim. However, you have to evaluate different shades of blue, if your exterior paint has a hint of orange.

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